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Six Months

Happy 6 month birthday, baby boys! To celebrate, we've watched a little video of you about a dozen or more times over the past 24 hours...

Last night, we got the sweetest video of our two boys. The video is about 5 minutes long, and we pretty much have the entire thing memorized by now! The first time we watched it, both Don and I were about 3 inches from the computer screen watching so intently the whole time and grinning from ear to ear. 

They are just so sweet. 

And they seem so different. And we love that about them! 

Based on the pictures we've seen, the video, and the report from this family, our big guy is quite an entertainer. He loves attention and is already a bit of a ham at six months old. He has the sweetest smile and sparkly little eyes that just light up when he is held or when people are talking to him. He might just be our little jokester. 

Based on those same sources, our little guy is more shy, more pensive, and even a little more sensitive. At one point in the video he tips over while trying to sit up and he gets this little sad, pouty face that makes you just want to scoop him right up and snuggle him and reassure him that he's going to be okay. He might just be our little lover. 

Who knows? We could be totally wrong and we're trying not to peg their little personalities when they are so young and when we've never even seen them for ourselves, but it is fun to get these glimpses into their lives and behavior now.  

We are really hoping that we'll get submitted for court soon and that our court date will be in early March (or sooner would be nice!). 

Please pray with us that we'll not only be able to go and see them soon, but also that the whole process will be brought to completion and that we'll be able to have them home by this summer (or sooner would be nice!).  


Hillary said...

Happy 6-months baby boys! We all can't wait to meet you via your parent's blog!!!

Corrie and Phil said...

Or hopefully sooner! :)

Sarah Trask said...

:) that is so cute!!