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We're Home!

Sorry for the delay in updates... having two very busy one-year-olds leaves little time for brushing my teeth, let alone updating blogs, checking email, or answering phone calls. 

We are doing great! Here are a few pictures from our first pool time in the backyard. 


Chad, Kim and Kassidy De Jager said...

YAY!! So excited for a new post. The boys look like they're having a blast! I can only imagine what life is like for you guys right now, and I'm so thankful your family is complete. :)

Corrie and Phil said...

Ditto to everything that Kim said. What an exciting (and I'm sure very tiring) time for all of you. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories. Thinking of you!

Rochelle said...

So thankful for those sweet boys of yours & so glad they are home!! Love that they are enjoying the pool! :)

Aunt Jane said...

Yahoo!!!! Enjoy!!!!