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An Adoption Update

After about six weeks of waiting for our state approval (which, by the way, is one of the frustrating things about adopting from Illinois- most states do not require this additional step), we finally heard from our adoption agency regarding the status of our home study. The state informed them that they are "severely behind". Because of where they are at, our home study probably won't be processed for another month or so. Bummer.  

Times like these make me wonder why this process has to be so hard... 

When I express this frustration, Don reminds me that it wasn't "easy" for God to adopt us into His family, so it's fitting that it isn't going to be "easy" for us to adopt a child into ours either. He's right, and I'm thankful for his wisdom.  

Thinking through all of this reminds me of a helpful article from John Piper on the similarities of what God did in adoption and what happens in Christian adoption today. I especially like the letter that Dr. Piper includes at the end, sharing the process of how he and his wife decided to adopt (at 50 years old). 

Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library

1 comment:

Mindy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the added delay...but I love your great perspective and attitude about it. Keep plugging along and try to keep that positive attitude going!