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Sweet Boys

Sometimes I just want to freeze them... I want to capture their little snuggles and little voices and remember this stage forever. 

Like the fact that they often sing, "And Can It Be" while we're shopping in any given store. We were at the grocery store the other day and I was checking out and Don was heading out to the car with them and I could hear them singing while they walked out the door. And then last night at Target, they found a reflection of themselves and began swaying back and forth watching themselves as they sang "And Can It Be" for all to hear. 

Or that when they go to Sunday school and the teachers ask what they'd like to sing, they opt for "Tis So Sweet" instead of the traditional "Jesus Loves Me" that most 3 year olds are requesting. 

Or that they can use their cars to explain what substitutionary atonement is... "What if this car is Jesus and this car is Jacob and God takes Jacob's sins and puts them on Jesus- that's called 'substitutionary'"- the way they pronounce this is adorable. 

Or that they often say things like, "What if God and Jesus picked up that big tree" or "that big house"- or anything they perceive as impossible. 

Or the other day when we were praying for Don at lunch because he had a big meeting and Jacob asked if I could also pray for Spiderman to be able to swing on his rope better (Jacob was in his spiderman costume, of course). Then Josiah, dressed as Wolverine, asked if I could also pray for Wolverine's claws to get "very much longer".

Or a few days ago, when I told Josiah that I love it when he wears his football shirt, and he responded so sincerely, "And I love when you wear your jammies."

There's so much more that I just want to bottle up and save forever. Thankfully, Josiah reminds me almost daily that even when he gets to be a man, he'll still be my baby (I've trained him well!).

And Luke... he's just our little doll baby. He's scooting all over the place, but unfortunately he's going backwards and often gets himself in the most precarious situations. 

And in case you're wondering, we're still anxiously waiting on baby girl from Ethiopia. Can''t wait to see her sweet face and add her to our family!