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Still Waiting...

We're back in the dreaded waiting for a referral stage and have been since 4.25.13, but who's keeping track? As the weeks have continued to wear on, I've felt the familiar heaviness and anticipation... staring at my phone and willing it to ring. I'm looking for the 703 area code that will tell me it's our adoption agency calling about a referral for a little girl, our little girl. I'm tempted to continually check our adoption agency's Facebook page, looking for signs of movement, any movement at all. 

Still. Nothing. 

I will say that even though the waiting stinks, nothing will compare to the waiting we did for the boys. That was terrible. Terrible. Terrible. But I've already written enough about that. This time the days and weeks are going faster because they're filled with the busyness and joy that two little boys bring. 

We're thankful to be where we're at... already waiting to get a referral instead of having to start completely over. We're thankful for our boys. We've seen how God's timing and his ways are perfect and better than we could imagine or ask for. And yet... we're ready to know who Baby Girl Jones will be. We want to see a face to match the girl we're waiting and praying for... and we're hoping it will be soon! Please pray it will be soon. 

I can't wait to share when it happens! (And then maybe I'll start blogging more regularly again. Maybe.)