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In Case You Didn't Believe Me

Here are the videos to prove what I said in the last post. Please excuse the bibs in most of the videos; the boys are teething and it keeps their shirts dry. Plus, if anyone can pull off Camouflage shorts and a baby bib, it's Josiah. 

I promise, I did not put them up to this. Jacob crawled in and Josiah started pushing him down the front yard.

The toy stealer in action. 

And again. 

Who needs toys?

The food critic. Don't judge, we're choosing our battles right now. :)


About Our Sons

Here's a little about our sweet littles...


  • Totally filled up with silliness. He loves to laugh and make people laugh. Some of his favorite ways are to bend over and look at you between his legs, scream (he's trying out his voice and we think he thinks it's funny to scream- we're working on this one!), put on sunglasses and walk around like a very cool dude, and generally just act like a total goof. He laughs very easily, particularly if we make funny faces or noises. 
  • Likes to be read to, and most recently has started handing us books and scooting back into our laps. His favorites right now are a touch and feel book, an animal book, and Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
  • Loves to play in the kitchen with bowls and spoons. He experiments with putting bowls inside of each other and trying to get lids on the bowls. He also likes to pretend to stir, sometimes with a big wooden spoon in each hand. (Unfortunately these spoons end up being a hazard because they blend in with our wood floors and all three of us have stepped on them at various times and have gone flying!)
  • Favorite foods are chicken, applesauce, cereal bars, oatmeal, and any kind of pasta or bread.
  • Is easily scared by loud or strange noises; he'll usually come running to me while whimpering if he's heard or seen something a little off. Today he ran into the kitchen whimpering and asking to be held. I hadn't heard anything, but 5 seconds later Josiah came walking into the kitchen holding a register cover that hadn't been fastened tightly enough to the wall. He had ripped it off the wall leaving a gaping hole that was frightening enough that it sent Jacob running.
  • Loves to swing at the park, and has just starting climbing up the slides (sometimes with a boost from Mommy when it's too slippery) and through the tunnels at the playground. 
  • Makes the most hilarious faces. He has no idea he's doing it, but his little face is so expressive that it regularly cracks us both up.
  • Is a future food critic. He picks his food up with tweezer like precision between his two fingers, looks intently at it, then rolls it around in his mouth and decides to either let it stay or spit it out and toss it off his tray (we're working on this, but for now it's pretty funny to watch).
  • Loves to dance. We often see him swaying in his car seat to the music on the radio and at home he bounces and sways side to side with a huge smile when we turn up the music.
  • Is a toy-stealing, everything-stealing stinker. He often takes things right out of Jacob's hands and runs off with them. Sometimes I see it and can intervene, but many times I hear Jacob squeal and then see Josiah running off with whatever toy or item Jacob had previously been enjoying. 
  • Loves to be chased.
  • Loves to tease. His favorite game involves pretending to give something and then snatching his hand away. He likes this game so much that sometimes he pretends to have something in his hand just so he can pretend to give it to us and take it away.
  • Drags and pulls/pushes everything, including mops, brooms, cords, high chairs, upside down bowls, and other things he finds around the house. 
How Mommy and Daddy are Adjusting:
  • We are absolutely LOVING our sons and loving being parents! It's been so fun to play with the boys and care for them and see them grow in their love and attachment to us. They both willingly kiss us when asked to, and they are generally little lovers!
  • I'm so thankful to be home with them. I can't imagine missing all of the funny things they do, and it gives me great joy to be with them throughout the day. I sometimes feel like I should be trying to teach them more, since mainly I'm just following them around and keeping them from serious injury, but they get thousands of kisses and squeezes throughout the day and I'm sure that's doing something good for them!
  • The best part of the day is when Daddy comes home. We all get super excited and run to meet him at the door or in the driveway. He picks both boys up and we dance and clap as we run around the house singing "Daddy's Home! Daddy's Home!"
  • Don loves the boys just as much as I do and is so fun with them. He rolls them around on the ground, they crawl up on his back for push-ups, and they literally squeal and scream as he chases them around the house. 
We are so, so thankful to the Lord for answering all of our prayers in giving us these special boys, and in bringing them home to us! We literally thank God for them every day. They truly are our sons, and we take great delight in them!

Here are some recent pictures, mainly from my phone since 1 year olds are very hard to capture.