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The Jones boys survived another trip to the rough Canadian wilderness. For one week we battled the forces of nature in the harsh--yet beautiful--north woods. 

Pops took the lead. With over 30 years of experience, he’s a master outdoorsman: building fires; navigating the massive lakes; locating and catching fish; building base camp; filleting and cooking meals; operating the boat and motor. He’s at home in the rough north woods, and he knows how to survive. That’s why we call him the Captain.

Joe caught the big boy of the trip: a 40 inch northern pike. These aggressive fish are ferocious fighters; they thrash and run and fight and jump. Joe handled this one well. This pike was no match for the Jones boys. 

This monster had a fish in his belly. You can see the tail sticking out of his throat. 

One of my highlights was using the fly rod. I love all types of fishing, but fly fishing is quickly becoming my favorite. I caught this one on the fly, using 15 lb tippet and a 20 lb steel leader.

We enjoyed fresh walleye every night. Battered, fried in oil, then topped with butter and a touch of lemon. One minute they’re floppin around on the filet table, the next they’re on your plate. Couldn’t possibly get any fresher.

Here’s another nice pike. I love these fish. 

Everything seems to be bigger up north—even the birds.

One morning we encountered an unwelcome visitor. He invaded our campsite and refused to leave.

He was hungry, he had cubs, and he knew we had food. A dangerous combination.

We yelled and made as much noise as we could, but he wouldn’t budge. This bold bear stared us down and showed no fear.

Finally he wandered off into the woods. We quickly packed up our gear and abandoned the campsite.

Can't wait till next year...


Mindy said...

Incredible pictures...I'll have to show them to my outdoorsman hubby! :)

Ashley said...

I still cannot get over the bear! And I've definitely never seen a fish with a tail sticking out of it's throat. That was cool...and kind of gross. :) Such a fun post!

Ashley said...

Ryan's Dad really liked this post and all the pics. He wants to go next year. :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a great time - thanks for taking so many pics, Don!
How about the boundry waters next year though??

Anonymous said...

sorry that was rachel - it wouldn't let me post with my name this time....