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This summer has already been busy, busy! I spent the first week out of school writing curriculum for our district. There has been a small development team working on it for the past two years, but we're almost done, which feels great! It's really exhausting, hard work...

After that I began classes at NIU to complete my ELL (ESL) endorsement. I needed to renew my teaching certificate, and this was a good way to receive training in an area that I'm interested in and keep my certification going. The classes are super intense and I'm gone from 8-6 Monday thru Thursday. When I get home, it's homework for about the next five hours. I guess that's to be expected when you try to take 12 credit hours in six weeks!

Don has been busy working on a variety of Bible projects, including a children's bible that I'm really excited about. He continues to love his job, and we're thankful for the Lord's provision and blessing in this area of his life. 

This past week, he was in Canada with his dad and brother. I missed him like crazy and was so thankful to see him return safely. They camp in a really remote area of Canada and have no access to phones or any other modern conveniences. It sounds absolutely terrible to me, but he loves it, and it's great for him to share these experiences with his dad and brother. 

He's going to post pictures soon from his trip. Glad I didn't know about the bear until he got home!


Corrie and Phil said...

WOW! Not many people can say that their lunch was stolen by a bear.

Sorry to hear that the classes are so intense. I know you were hoping for an easier load, but it sounds like it will be a rough few weeks.

DaniSue said...

Im excited you got the curriculum almost finished!

I live in Dekalb---we should do lunch sometime?