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Ethiopian Cuisine

Last night we drove in to the city with friends to try some Ethiopian food. I was a little nervous about the food because when I looked at the pictures from the restaurant online, it all kind of looked like "slop" to me. Plus, I have a hard time eating food when I can't tell exactly what it is... but, I was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious, and it was so fun to spend an evening out with friends! The two couples that we went with are also in the process of adopting... we are so thankful to have such precious friends to share in this experience!

My friend, Christina, and I outside of the restaurant. Christina and her husband are also adopting from Ethiopia.

At the table, getting ready to literally "dig" in to the food. 

You actually use your hands and these pieces of "injera" (which is kind of like a sourdough pancake/sponge bread) to pick up the food. And, everyone eats from the same platter.  

Dan and Jen... they are funny (and cute!). Dan was really loving the food (despite the funny face he is making). They are in the process of adopting from Korea. 

Drew and Christina, also funny (and cute!).

Don and I

We actually finished most of the food!

Apart from the delicious food and spending time with friends, I really loved just seeing Ethiopian people. They are so beautiful! And, our servers were very friendly, which helped develop all of my positive stereotypes about Ethiopian people! 


Rachel said...

That's so cool - I want to go!

jdb said...

You guys are funny (and cute) too. :)

chaddykathi said...

Were there fries or macaroni and cheese on that platter because I don't believe you ate any of that roomie! :) Just teasin'! Glad you had a great time! Miss ya! Friends from our Lifegroup just announced they're adopting from Ethiopia too! So great!

Corrie and Phil said...

My sister loves Ethiopian food, but I kind of agree with Kathi that it's hard to believe you filled your belly with anything from that platter.

Looks like a great night!!!

DaniSue said...

Get the recipe and cook for your kids now! :-)