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Family Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to northern Michigan with Don's family for our annual family vacation. It was a great week of quality time with each other, relaxing at the beach, and eating tons of food! Here are some of the many pictures that we took.

At the ice cream shop- an every night occurrence...

Playing with my sweet niece at the park..

At one of the many scenic outlooks on M22...

Beautiful sunsets...

Storytime... precious.

Sleeping Bear Dunes... we climbed and climbed but didn't end up making it all the way to the lake. 

But, we did make it to The Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor!

Impromptu picture that actually turned out pretty good!

And, more ice cream- seriously, every night.

Dress up dinner... obviously not a fancy restaurant, but they do dim the lights. 

Everyone in their Ethiopia shirts- can't wait to show this to our little one! Or, little ones!

After a heated ping-pong battle... we look pretty happy here, but I think just before this we were wrestling and throwing punches! Or, maybe running around trying to give each other wedgies... one of those. 

Classic "sisters" shot- love these girls!


Chad and Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! What a great getaway before school begins again. It was great to see you a couple weeks ago!

Corrie and Phil said...

I LOVE the family shot in the Ethiopia shirts.

Looks like a great vacation! Can't go wrong with ice cream every night (that's exactly what we do in Delaware) and a "dress-up dinner" on checkered table cloth. :)

Heidi said...

Looks so fun, Sara! I love the Ethiopia shirts picture as well! And by the way, I would like one of them even though I probably won't be able to wear it for a year. :) One of the cute blue ones...probably size M.

Rachel Jones said...

love our vacay pics!! and love the one of you pushing merc on the swings! the shirt pics turned out great too - yay!

Rochelle said...

What great pics! Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of the fam with the Ethiopia shirts; nothing as great as total family support!! :) Look forward to meeting your little one(s) someday!

I don't know... that ice cream pic kinda looks like it might have been good in someone's face too. ;) lol

jdb said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing all your pictures.