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Immigration Update

Well, we never heard back from the email that we sent a couple of weeks ago regarding the need to change our fingerprinting date, so last week Monday we just drove to the office and pleaded with them to give us a new date. 

They kind of looked at us like we were crazy, but they did tell us we could try to come back this Friday (the 13th)- they didn't give us a guarantee, but they told us we could try, so we will. 

Basically, this is the last form that we are waiting on so that we can send all of our papers to Ethiopia. If we don't get the fingerprints this Friday, we'll leave our vacation two days early next week and drive all the way home to spend 5 minutes in their office being printed. Crazy. 

Please join us in prayer that they will allow us to be printed and that we will get our papers sent off soon! 

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