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Toy Bin

I picked up this little basket recently, and I'm thinking that I'm going to fill it with baby toys. 

I'm determined to not let toys overtake our home. I love to have the house looking clean, orderly, and stylish. Bright, primary colored toys that make strange noises, quite frankly, scare me. As does the toy aisle at Target, but that's another story.

I'm sure those of you with kids are probably laughing right now, but let me live in my dream world a little longer... if I just put a few fun things (blocks, teethers, some books, maybe a stuffed animal or two) in here, that's good, right? I'd keep this in our living room and hide away all of the other toys and books in cute little cubbies (and probably more baskets) in the nursery. 

What do you think? It's possible, right? 

And besides all of this, they were practically giving the basket away! It was on sale from $32 to $7 (yes, $7.98 is closer to $8, but I like to round down in cases like this). I just couldn't resist. 

And when I heard that they were giving a $20 same-as-cash-coupon if you bought anything with your Pier One charge card, well I couldn't resist even more. So, basically, buying this toy basket not only solves my toy problems (ha!), it also earned me $20. 


Heidi said...

Totally possible! That's all we have. 1 basket in the main room and then shelves with books in the bedroom.

Rochelle said...

Muahaha! Sara you are so funny, I love this post! It made me giggle. I have no idea if this will work out for you or not, but I sure hope that it does so the toys don't drive you mad! ;) And hey, what a GREAT deal!! So what are you going to spend your $20 on?

Next post, please explain the toy aisle Target story. I am very curious. :p

Team Howell said...

I love it, too! I think if you try hard enough, it could work! We are on the polar opposite and covered our new wood floors with rubber letter matts! Before having Benji my sister in law said she was going to have a one toy rule-that he could only have one toy at a time out of his bedroom and if he wanted another toy, he could exchange them. They now have converted their dining room into a Thomas the Train room, complete with posters on the walls! :) I think it is more because it is harder for the parent to keep up with the rules, but if anyone can do it, you can! :)

Chad, Kim and Kassidy De Jager said...

You're too funny! Who's to say you can't have stylish places to store your toys, even if they'll be out of those stylish places most of the time. :)

Dona said...

Sara, God gave you a great sense of humor.
And great dreams.

It's a great looking basket. How big is it?????
I have on stuffed bear from Grandma that could fill it would you like it???

love you..

Annie Leppin said...

Yep- we have just one (LARGE) wicker box/table stuffed full of toys in our living room. No primary color decor to be found. However, we also have a closet overflowing AND a rented storage space full of baby "stuff". Even if you are reasonable- it sort of just over takes you by the time they become a toddler - lol! Not a bad problem to have though -- to be blessed with too "much" :)

Corrie and Phil said...

At least you recognize that it might be a dream world. Bright, primary colors are integral to brain development and active stimulation for your little ones. I suppose the little basket will work for a time...while the baby is immobile and inactive. Then...watch out! :)

(This, of course, coming from a Discovery Toys guru.)

Sarah Trask said...

Just like you warmed up to Bailey, you will warm up to the Target toy aisle and maybe some day to Toys R Us