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The Magic Touch

Guess who has the magic touch with our favorite 3 month old?

Well, those aren't my hands, and that's not my leg! 

As I tried comforting Lucy and helping her fall asleep, I walked around, snuggled her in close, kissed her head, made the classic "shhh" noice- all to no avail. 

Don took her, held her out like she was on a stretcher and started doing exercise squats with her (he was already doing a workout, and he just added her into his routine)- she was out in seconds. 

Who would have guessed?


Monica Gee said...

It's so true! That is the best way to comfort a baby. Be sure to get an exercise ball, because bouncing on it while holding them will save your legs while accomplishing the same effect. Works like magic!

Dona said...

I really did think those were your hands and legs. Ready to suggest a new razor. Happy to know Don does well with children, it's comforting, you'll be great parents. Prayed a lot for you yesterday. Are you done with School?

Rachel Jones said...

Love it and great pic!! Thanks again for watching her:)

Rochelle said...

Haha! Wow am I glad to hear that isn't a picture of you! ;)

Ditto what Monica said, babysitting Parker was so much easier with that exercise ball! Well, except that they had a gigantico one that I was too short for... but other than that, totally agree lol. :)

Way to go Don! I'm sure you guys will both do great! Praying for swiftness in your adoption referral!!!

Sarah Trask said...

Haha classic!