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Wedding Weekend

Yesterday, Don's youngest sister tied the knot. It was such a fun celebration and we're so thankful for both Sarah and Steve (her new husband).

As usual, I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but here's a little glimpse. 

At the rehearsal dinner

With Joe and Rachel

Our niece, Noella. Silly girl- love her!

The beautiful bride and groom- somehow I didn't get any pictures of them both facing me at the same time. 

Happy couple...

Don and I both got to stand up in the wedding to support Sarah and Steve. It was a great day- wish I had taken more pictures to capture it all!


Rochelle said...

Aw, yay!! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and like you guys had a great time! Love the pictures, you look gorgeous per usual Sara! Thanks for sharing your day. Congrats to Sarah & Steve!!

My problem is I always take too many pictures and have trouble choosing & organizing them. We even each other out lol! ;)

Annie Leppin said...

You looked lovely :)

How fun-

Sarah Trask said...

This is my favorite update ;)