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And, We're Off

The day has finally come... we're ready to leave. 

In a couple of days, we will hold our sons in our own arms. 

In a couple of days, Lord willing, they will no longer be orphans, "owned" by the government of Ethiopia; they will be Joneses. 


Rachel Jones said...

Yay!!!! Bring on the jones boys!!!
Praying, love you guys - safe travels and can't wait to see pics of you both WITH your boys!!! Ahhhh!!!

Rochelle said...

Woohoo!!!! Can't wait! Looking forward to meeting those precious Jones boys someday!!! Praying, praying, praying!!! Yayyyyyy!!

Sarah Cotton said...

I think about you all the time and am so glad it is finally hear. It feels like an eternity because it has been one since you began :) Enjoy the insanity and crazy joyful times, can't wait to hear every detail!

Hillary said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! Safe travels!!!!

Corrie and Phil said...

WONDERFUL! Post as soon and as often as possible. Can't wait to hear all the details. Praying for you! :)