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New Birth Certificates

I'm interrupting the posts on our trip to announce some VERY BIG news! We have the boys' new birth certificates! We got them on Tuesday of this week. This is a huge step because now our agency can apply for their passports, which will be followed by a medical exam, everything will be translated, then it will all be submitted to the US Embassy who will review our case and then clear us for travel. 

Here they are (or at least a portion of them)! Notice their new names and the names of their mother and father- so precious to see this in print and on an official document! If you notice the different years, it's because Ethiopia goes by a different calendar- they are 8 years behind us. They also tell time differently. Time begins when the sun rises, so 1:00 is always the first hour of the day. Interesting, huh?

This is also a VERY big deal because it normally takes awhile for the birth certificates to come in and ours came in relatively quickly. I had been praying that we would get them on the 29th and had even marked that date on my calendar as the day I was hoping for (I had calculated the fastest time I had ever seen them processed and began praying for that date). Thank you, Lord! It doesn't feel so far away anymore and things are really moving along! Please pray that the passports come in soon and that the rest of this process will be QUICK. I'm asking the Lord to have them home by their birthday on the 19th of July, but much sooner (like maybe the first week of July) would also be appreciated!

In honor of our good news, here's a few clips of video that we took of the boys in Ethiopia. Please ignore my obnoxious laughing and incessant questions of Don while he was taping ("Are you getting this? Are you getting this?"- the WORST part of home videos is hearing yourself in them!!) Password: boys


Laura said...

I went to high school with Rachel and have been following your blog about the long process for bringing your precious boys home. I just had to tell you, I had a friend flying from Detroit to Grand Rapids the other day and he said there was a couple, a tall skinny husband, and a long brown haired wife bringing home twin boys from Ethiopia. My heart swelled thinking of you (even though I have no idea where you would by flying and know that you shouldn't be coming home yet). My first thought was Oh goodness, I wonder how that must feel. Prayers for speedy logistics and that you can get those boys home soon!

chaddykathi said...

so stinkin' cute! Oh my goodness...I just loved to hear those giggles! Thanks for sharing you guys!

Rochelle said...

Woohoo - so excited for you guys that these came through so fast!! Praising God with you, praying for July 19 or sooner alongside you, and totally LOVE that video of the boys!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Stacey said...

LOVE the video Sara! So fun to see them interact with you and each other!

Rachel Jones said...

Yay!!! So thankful these are already done!! Praying everything else moves quickly too!

Corrie and Phil said...

That video was great. I watched the whole thing with a smile, and I loved watching them interact with each other. It's so great that they have each other...that special twin bond! :)

I also thought it was fun sensing your (and Don's) joy in the background. Thank you for sharing!

Mark J said...