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Our Sons

We passed court last Monday for our sons, Jacob Benjamin Jones (formerly Big Guy) and Josiah Samuel Jones (formerly Little Guy). Here they are:

Josiah is on the left, Jacob on the right. 

Jacob on the left and Josiah on the right. 

We feel so blessed and thankful that God has entrusted these boys to us. They are perfect for us! I plan on posting more details about the trip, but for now, I'll post a little about the boys. 


  • Smiles all the time
  • Has eyes that sparkle
  • Loves to be around people 
  • Loves to eat
  • Has a little bit of a strong will
  • Wants to be in on the action and would get jealous if we were paying too much attention to Josiah; if Josiah was being held, he wanted to, too!
  • Crawls super fast and is very close to walking
  • Already gives kisses, especially to Josiah
  • Likes music and will even dance and clap to it
  • Is an acrobat! He has amazing balancing skills, and will stand on his skinny little legs without anything to help him balance
  • Walks if he has something to hold onto, like the couch or the edge of a table
  • Gets into everything! If you take your eyes off him for a second, he's off doing something dangerous!
  • Loves to be held and snuggled
  • Plays independently- doesn't really need you to interact with him or watch him the way Jacob does
  • Scrunches his entire face in the cutest way when he smiles 
  • Has the sweetest pink nails and toes and undersides of his feet... they are so pink and look just adorable with his dark skin
  • Is impossible to dress!
  • Has incredible coordination! Do all 9-10 month old babies know how to clap their hands perfectly together? 
Both boys:
  • Love, love, love the bathtub! They smile and laugh and splash like crazy. The only time they really cried the whole time we were with them was when we took them out of the tub on our last night. They were only in for a minute when one of the boys had an "accident" in the tub, causing us to whisk them out very quickly when they had just gotten started on their splashing frenzy. 
  • Prefer spoons, diaper wipes, sunglasses, and prescription drug containers to any real toys
  • Have super long, curly eyelashes and thick, pouty lips
  • Have happy dispositions and will smile easily; they really are delightful... almost never whine or cry and are easily comforted when they do become upset
We love them like crazy and can't wait to have them home with us for good!!


kimberly said...

So happy to see an update and know you made it back safely. Prayers as you wait, longing for the day when you will bring them home for good!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these descriptions of the boys!!!!

Rachel Jones said...

Awww - cannot wait to meet these precious boys!! So thankful for your wonderful week with them!

Aunt Jane and Uncle Jeff said...

Yipee!!! What beautiful family photos! You all look so happy!! God is good!!

Hillary said...

Happiest post yet! Happy Mother's Day Sara and thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Seeing these pictures brings me back to the first time I held Colbie, and the love that was so instant.

Corrie and Phil said...

I love this post. LOVE IT! Your descriptions show the love of a mother who has "known" her children since they day they were born...and you have. God knew they were meant for you, and you for them. I loved getting to "know" them a little better myself, and I can't wait to meet them in person.

Rochelle said...

Such a beautiful post!! Loved these descriptions of the boys - so personal and meaningful. You are truly their mother!!! What a precious gift from the Lord. Despite the long, hard wait, these boys were handpicked for you from God and what a treasure they are! God's timing is truly perfect. I feel like I know a piece of them already - and am sooooo excited to meet them in person sometime!! :) Praise God for these precious gifts to the Jones family!

Heidi said...

I LOVE reading about what they're doing! Sounds like they're doing so well and will love being home with you. Praying for that day to come soon!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

I love the lists about the boys - so special! I may have to copy that idea once we're back in Ethiopia with our boys :)