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We've been home now for almost three weeks, and it's amazing to look back and see how far we've come! There is so much that I'd like to post about, but by the time night rolls around and I have some free time, my brain is mush- I'm usually asleep by 8:30, which means right now it's after bedtime and it might be dangerous to try to write in this mental state! So, I'll post some pictures and try to give a real update soon! 

The first two weeks home both boys wanted to be held all of the time! They were a little scared in their new environment (understandably) and they felt safest being held. This was a temporary solution. Wearing both of them allowed me to do some laundry, put clothes away, and prep meals. My back didn't break, and I have the Ergo Carriers to thank for that!

The boys (and Mama) love going to Target! They love to see all of the people and ride in the carts (though when I'm by myself, one goes in the carrier and the other in the cart). Jacob tries to high-five and "talk" to everyone we meet! 

The boys already have a routine of watching Daddy leave in the morning and after lunch. They follow him to the door and watch until the truck pulls out of our driveway. It's pretty stinkin' cute. 

We live near a park and walk there almost daily. When we start getting close, I can see the boys start to wave and kick their hands and feet in excitement. They love sitting in the swings and watching all of the kids. They also love to get out and run around, but it's a little scary having two walking/almost running one year olds going in opposite directions. At any given time, one or the other is walking right in front of a swing or a running "big kid" and the other has any variety of park items in his mouth- I don't mind the sand and bark so much, it was the half-eaten mysterious Go-Gurt Josiah was sucking on that really got me. 

When only one swing is available, this works and they don't seem to mind. I think it's adorable!

For the first two weeks home, the only way they would nap was in the stroller, the car seat, or next to me on the couch. They are now sleeping great in their cribs and barely even cry when we lay them down at night or for naps. I snuck out of this snuggly nap to capture them before they woke up.

Handsome, happy boys! We couldn't be more thankful!! 

We are doing very well- we love our little boys and somehow all of the chaos and busyness already feels normal!


Chad, Kim and Kassidy De Jager said...

They are absolutely adorable! So glad to hear things are going well and you all are adjusting wonderfully. :)

Rachel Jones said...

Love it. They are so precious. So thankful they are home - you guys are doing awesome & can't wait to get our 4 kids together when we get home from the hospital - yay for cousins!!!!!

Corrie and Phil said...

I love the dual swing photo. I think that might only work with twins. For one, I don't think that both of my kids would fit...and they would surely not enjoy it as much as your boys do. :)

YEAH for all the new pictures. Can't wait for more!

Rochelle said...

Such a great post! Thanks for taking a little time to give an update. :) It was great to hear that the boys are doing better now with sleeping and being held a bit less. I love that they are getting a routine and that it seems so normal to you guys! I love how seamlessly you've found good ways to work it all out when you're shopping, playing at the park, etc. I love all these pictures - it's soooo great to hear that they are doing well and adjusting - what an awesome answer to prayer!!!! Praising the Lord for those happy boys and for the joy that they bring to your lives!