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In Case You Didn't Believe Me

Here are the videos to prove what I said in the last post. Please excuse the bibs in most of the videos; the boys are teething and it keeps their shirts dry. Plus, if anyone can pull off Camouflage shorts and a baby bib, it's Josiah. 

I promise, I did not put them up to this. Jacob crawled in and Josiah started pushing him down the front yard.

The toy stealer in action. 

And again. 

Who needs toys?

The food critic. Don't judge, we're choosing our battles right now. :)


kimberly said...

We were just commenting on how much better Kassidy has gotten with eating. She was quite picky right about the boys' age, but has come a long way. Totally understand! :)

Heidi said...

Love these! I especially love the toy stealer one because that is totally my house too! Hazel used to throw her food on the floor too and be SO picky. But, it is getting better, and the dropping of food rarely happens anymore. Such a mess though. :( They are fast little buggers! I can't believe how well they walk around and what not. From someone who has had non-stop physicaly therapy with kids, I can truly say your boys are very advanced in their gross and fine motor skills! :)

Corrie and Phil said...

What fun to see them in action. The little Toy Stealer made me smile because that it such a perfect depiction of sibling interaction. Love it! :)

Rochelle said...

Those videos are SO cute and entertaining!! ;) Haha I love them! So neat to see them growing and interacting like this. It's hilarious to watch Josiah taking Jacob's toys, you'd guess it'd be the other way around just from looking at them! LOL!! You're right though, Josiah is rocking the camo/bib look, I love it!