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Our Process So Far

Since we're starting this blog a little into our adoption process, I thought I'd give an update on where we are right now and what we still have to do. 


  • Finished home study- still need to get the results from our fingerprinting; once these are obtained, the home study will go to the state level for approval
  • Ordered copies of marriage and birth certificates for dossier
  • Applied for/updated passports
  • Obtained employment letters
  • Made copies of insurance policies
  • Applied for foster care licensing (required in Illinois for adoption)
  • Got physicals
  • Requested letters of recommendation from family and friends
  • Completed 10 hours of adoption training
Still to Go:
  • Complete financial documents needed for dossier (dossier = the compiled paperwork needed to show our ability to adopt)
  • Complete cover letter/application letter for dossier
  • Put together family photo pages for dossier
  • Wait for approval of home study
  • Put all of these things together for dossier
  • Ship off to adoption agency in Virginia
  • Receive approval of dossier and send to Ethiopia
  • Have dossier translated
  • Wait for referral
  • Travel to get the child/children (we're hoping for twins!)
Wow- does that seem like a lot of work? It has been. Thankfully, Don was able to use his "project management" skills to help us plug away at it in an organized/non-overwhelming way!

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