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Why We're Adopting: Reason #3

  • God, in his goodness and mercy, has chosen to withhold biological children from us up to this point. This has been part of his good and perfect will for our lives. We believe that part of the reason for this was to turn our eyes towards the millions of orphans around the world that will grow up without families. If we had gotten pregnant right away, we may never have considered adopting these children. By God’s grace, we can honestly say that the joy and excitement we feel when thinking about adopting equals what we would feel if we were to get pregnant. This is not a “second-best” option for us.    


Corrie and Phil said...

Amen, Sara! I am continually impressed by your strength and beautiful attitude! Can't wait to continue reading your journey!

The De Jager Family said...

SO happy you guys started a blog! It will definitely help us cover you guys in prayer through this process. We're VERY excited for you guys and can't wait to meet the child/children that God has waiting for you!