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Easy Apple Recipes

I just have to say up front that recipes that exceed six ingredients make me nervous. Knowing this about myself, I should probably cancel one of my many food magazine subscriptions... I love to look at the pictures and dream of someday making wonderful food. Then, I go in the freezer and pull out a pizza.

Anyway, after picking all of those apples a couple of weeks ago, I was determined to try at least a couple of new recipes. These recipes are so easy, I'm almost embarrassed to post anything about them... plus, I'm also wondering if these are the completely obvious recipes that everyone already knows and already makes. I hope that you do know them... and I hope that you do make them...

Caramel apples... poked with forks. Can you believe the grocery store didn't have any of those sticks that you are supposed to use? We had to improvise.

Apple sauce... who knew that homemade was so easy and delicious?

Fruit dip (especially good with apples). Thank you, Christina, for introducing me to this great recipe! I know this technically isn't an "apple" recipe, but it tastes great with apples, and it makes me want to eat apples. 

For the fruit dip, you simply beat together a package of cream cheese, 1 cup of brown sugar, and a tablespoon of vanilla until it's very smooth. It's delicious... you'll want a good supply of apples on hand just so you can keep eating this dip. 

1 comment:

Corrie and Phil said...

If you want the fruit dip to have any extra kick, add 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. That's the exact recipe that we use (with the added peanut butter), and we make it all the time. Love it!

Can't wait to try your other recipes!