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Christmas Tree

Last Saturday was the perfect day to get our tree. We've been doing the same thing for the past several years, and now it's become a tradition that we both look forward to each year. Here's a sneak peek:

First, we head over to Cosley Zoo, which is kind of like a rescue center for local wildlife.

Normally, we go and get a cup of hot chocolate when we first get there, but in the past years they've raised their prices (first it was free, then $.50, then $.75). Now, I know $.75 isn't a lot, but come on, it used to be free! We weren't willing to go along with this, so we went without the hot chocolate this year.

After we get our hot chocolate (we'll have to think of something to replace this tradition in the coming years), we go and look at the animals (mainly the owls and hawks).

Then, we walk around and try to find the perfect tree in our price range... not an easy thing to do! After that, we strap it to the truck and bring it home.

Once we get home, we set up the tree, have a nice dinner, then spend time decorating the tree together while listening to Christmas music in the background. After the tree is decorated, we make cookies and homemade frosting.

I don't know what it is about traditions, but I love having them! And, I look forward to starting even more once we have our little ones home with us!


Rochelle said...

What a great tradition!

Corrie and Phil said...

Sounds terrific...although I think you need to splurge and add the hot chocolate back into the tradition.