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Second Care Package

We're so thankful to have another opportunity to send a package to the boys! 

They are at a care center in northern Ethiopia, and most families that travel only go to Addis Ababa, the capital city. Mekele, where the boys are, is a 90 minute flight from Addis. So, we have to take all of the chances we can get to send them things when there are families taking the additional trip!

Two more cozy sleepers and some crinkly, rattling, soft blocks. 

When we send them things, we package them up in these ziplock bags and include a little picture of each of them with their Ethiopian names on it so that the families know who to give the packages to. Today I included "Jones Family" under their names. How sweet is that?!


Aunt Jane said...

Sara and Don,

I am just bursting with happiness for you guys over here! I remember the feelings well - whether it is a social working giving you a picture of your new child or a nurse placing a newborn in your arms - NO DIFFERENCE! The feelings of love and family are the same! Just as the pains of labor are accepted, the pain of the wait in the adoption option becomes just part of the journey. I am looking forward to meeting the newest members of the Jones family:)

Rachel Jones said...

LOVE - yep they are Jones boys - the first ones!!!!
They will love the blocks I think :) good pick!!

Rochelle said...

So glad you guys get to keep sending them stuff! Praying for God's clear direction & provision for you & your boys in the coming months! LOVE that you got to include Jones Family under their names, that's SOOOO great!!! :) Yay!

Dona Schmidt/url said...

Sara & Don, I loved what A, Jane wrote, we share the same sentiments. Our love and prayers,Aunt Dona and Jerry