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Today is 2 years and 4 months since we started the adoption process, or if you think in terms of weeks, our 121st week of waiting. 

The past 45 days, out of the 843 days that we've been in this process, have been the hardest. No question. 

We're still waiting on our court date, and every single day (every.single.day.) for the past 45 days since we were submitted to court, we have been praying, and hoping, and anticipating good news. Before we go to bed, we pray that God will work for us while we sleep, that our file will be picked up, reviewed, and assigned a date. And every morning we wake up hoping for the phone call or the email that will tell us that we have a court date and that we'll finally be able to travel to see our babies. And every afternoon for the past 45 days, we've had the crushing disappointment that it still hasn't happened. It's a hard cycle to be in.

Please pray for us. We are not without hope, but we definitely feel a heavy burden and sorrow over the time that has been lost. 

Lord willing, later this week, our agency's representative in Ethiopia is going to talk to one of the judges on our behalf to try to find out why we still haven't been assigned a date- please pray that they will be able to resolve this issue right away and that a court date will be assigned this week (tomorrow would be nice).  

Pray that God will cause us to persevere in prayer, and that He will sustain our hope and our joy. 

Pray for the boys that God will provide all that they need and that he will give them much happiness. 

Speaking of the boys... today they are 8 months old! They are both growing like crazy and while we are thankful for the growth, part of me wants to slow the whole thing down and keep them tiny babies until we can go and get them. It's hard to miss even a day with them, let alone entire stages of their lives.

Thank you all for your support and prayers- we have been well-loved throughout this entire journey. I can't wait to be able to post good news- hopefully soon!


The De Jager Family said...

Praying for you often... Thanks for the update. It allows me to know more specifically how to pray!

Anonymous said...

Praying every single day for you and for the boys. Tonight Noella literally groaned her prayer for the boys. It was as if she really knew that it's just been TOO LONG. Trusting in the Lord's timing for you and praying diligently that that timing will be very, very soon. Love you guys so much.

sasha parker said...

Prayed for you all this morning. Praying that you will hear this week!
I am also asking the Lord to give you a quick turn around to Embassy. :)
Can't wait to hear!!!
He is working!

Rochelle said...

Constantly praying for you guys and your boys! So devastated on your behalf. Praying for a quick resolution and for God to be near to you during this difficult and painful season. Ps 34:18. Love you friend!!

Corrie and Phil said...

Any good news yet? THINKING OF YOU!

Sara said...


I know I don't know really know you but I wanted to know that I've been keeping up on your adoption progress. My heart aches for you and how long the process has been for you. I've been praying for you guys and I can't wait until I read that you have finally met them, and even better until you bring them home. In the end, it'll all feel worth the wait!

Annie Leppin said...

I can't imagine how excruciating each day is now waiting for your boys. I will continue to pray for you and for them--

Scott and Lornel said...

Don and Sara, You guys have been on our minds lately. We'll continue to wait with you, and PRAY. Scott and Lornel