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A Picture Update

Here's a mostly picture update of our life lately. We're still waiting for our referral (can you believe it? no? me neither.) and the boys are still as busy and active and smart and funny as ever.

The boys love riding their balance bikes! They're really good on them and will glide all the way to the nearby park and elementary school. It melted my heart a little when I saw Josiah go put his bike in the bike rack just like all the big kids. 

They love to fish! They specialize in splashing the water with their poles and catching leaves.

I didn't know that as a parent, you're never allowed to enjoy your own treat again. Here we are sharing a giant sundae, and I can't remember the last time I had a treat without hearing a little voice saying, "try it, mommy?"

This picture is simply to illustrate that Josiah holds about 500 toys in his hands and mouth when we go to the car. Some parents probably make their lives easier by not allowing so many toys to travel to the car, whereas I tend to maneuver around all said toys while buckling him in his car seat... not an easy task. And this was before we cut all of his beautiful curls off. I may have cried a little.  

We vacationed in South Haven this fall and had the beach to ourselves! It was perfect. I love how little boys play in the sand. Here Jacob is operating a "digger" and making train tracks. 

More train tracks. Choo-choo. 

The water was cold. 

They didn't mind at all. 

They love their daddy! And it was so good to have 4 full days together as a family. 

We're all looking and smiling... a major accomplishment! 

They love each other. 

Enjoying an open house at the fire station. The best part was the free popcorn. 

Getting pumpkins. You would have thought these pumpkins were made of gold, they were so special to the boys! 

Just yesterday, both boys jumped out of their cribs at the same time. Apparently, after their naps, they were riding their "motorcycles" (straddling their crib railings) and fell off. My theory is that Jacob fell first and Josiah went down in a move of solidarity. I heard a large thump and then Jacob crying, followed shortly by Josiah crying. In our house, for little boo-boos, the boys have to "tough it out" but for big boo-boos, they get ice. And these were pretty big boo-boos; Jacob actually had a bloody lip.  

And just because it's funny, and this is the only place I record such things, I have to share Jacob's latest thing. It started when he said something I was surprised by... I think he said, "Mommy, lake that way" and I was surprised he knew which way the lake was, so I said, "You're right. How did you know that?!". Apparently he liked that, and now when he says something he thinks is clever or smart, he follows it up with "How you know that?!" It's sweet and funny and endearing.


The De Jager Family said...

SO happy for an update on your beautiful family!

Rochelle said...

Great picture update!! LOL your boys are hilarious, I love hearing about their funny antics! :)

Praying your referral comes very soon!