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Noonday Collection

Why Noonday?

After going to my first Noonday Trunk show, I was hooked. I found myself telling everyone I knew about this amazing company. I fell in love with the stories of the artisans whose lives are being impacted by their partnership with Noonday, not to mention the beautiful jewelry!

When you purchase through Noonday, you really are changing lives! Noonday is passionate about empowering people by giving them pride and dignity in their work. Artisans that partner with Noonday are given a living wage: they make 50%-100% more than the average in a similar trade for their country. They make enough money to provide for their basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, medication, and education for their children. Through their partnership with Noonday, artisans are able to provide for their families in ways that will impact generations to come.

Noonday is also passionate about adoption (that's actually how they got started!). In fact, the first show I attended was a fundraiser for our family's adoption!

Want to help make a difference? Shop my website, book a trunk show, and help spread the word!