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Submitted to Embassy!

The last step is complete, and it came out of nowhere! Our power was out due to severe storms in our area, and we were staying at Don's parents' house. I checked my phone early Tuesday morning to see if I had an update about the power, and there in my email inbox was a letter from the US Embassy congratulating us on our file being submitted. Don was already up and downstairs, so I went running and flailing down the steps as fast as I could to show him the email. We had no previous warning or indication from our adoption agency that this would happen, so we were both shocked!

We were anticipating that we wouldn't be submitted to the US Embassy until the 11th. Last week when we got the medical reports, we still had to have them translated, which we were told could take about a week. Our agency can only submit cases on Wednesdays, and this Wednesday the embassy was closed because of the holiday. All that to say, all signs were pointing to the 11th as the next possible time for submission, but we prayed anyway that we would somehow get submitted this week. The translation would have to go faster, and the embassy would have to make an exception, and both of those things happened. 

All morning, all day, and even now, we are just so thankful and humbled by the love of God for us and for our boys. He is working for us, he is moving on our behalf, he is hearing our prayers!

(*** Josiah peeking his head up to look out the window above his crib. We're coming soon, baby!)

The boys' first birthday is exactly two weeks away, and we are still earnestly praying that we will be cleared by then to go get them! This next week is really significant because the embassy will be doing an initial screening of our case to determine how they want to proceed. They could request additional information, ask to interview witnesses or neighbors of the birth family, or they could clear us for travel. Please pray that we will find favor in their eyes, and that God will move in their hearts and minds to clear us quickly. 


Rachel Jones said...

Praying!!! can't believe your many will double in the matter of weeks! What a blessing - love you all

Chad, Kim and Kassidy De Jager said...

SO incredible that things are going so quickly! Praying, Praying, Praying that you get cleared for travel SOON and can have those boys with you for their 1st birthday. :)

Rochelle said...

Praise the Lord - you know how incredibly excited we are for you guys!! Praying even now that this week the Embassy will continue to see you favorably and move your case forward with rapid pace. So thankful for God's care for you & your boys!!! Praying for the much-anticipated reunion and hoping for the 19th!

dona/url said...

praying with you! I am thankful and i know you are too that your faith has grown stronger, a midst the adversities and joys of waiting for your boys to come home. love you

Sarah Jones Trask said...

They will be home so soon! Praise God!