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Medical Exams (and REPORTS): Received!

We got the email today- both of the medical reports have already been completed for our twins! Thank you, Lord!

Honestly, this is a miracle. We expected 1-2 weeks to get an appointment with the doctor and then another 1-2 weeks to actually receive the report, and here we are at 1.5 weeks and we already have both!

The next step is to get all of the documents translated and then we will be submitted to Embassy. We're hoping that this can happen in the next 1-2 weeks. After that, the Embassy will review our case and (Lord willing) clear us to travel in 2-6 weeks (longer if they require additional information).

Thank you for praying and please continue! I really feel like we are flying through this last stage on the wings of many of your prayers. 

We're coming boys! (p.s. Jacob learned to prop up some blankets in the corner of the pack-n-play so that he could stand on them and reach his arm an inch more over the edge. We're going to have to keep our eye on him!)


Corrie and Phil said...

Great news!

After all of the snafus you had on the early end of the process, I'm so glad that things are moving quickly and smoothly now.

Hope those little guys are ready for a big birthday celebration! :)

Rochelle said...

Praise the Lord!!! This is such great news! Praying the rest goes super fast so those boys can be home and in your arms really soon!!

Cannot wait to see them adjusting to their new life and moving all over the place! I'm sure you will adore every second of keeping a close eye on those two adorable rascals!! ;)

Continuing to pray hard that you'll be with them or have them home by 7/19!!

Hillary said...

Here's to you blowing out first birthday candles with your boys!!!

Praying praying praying!!!!

Rachel Jones said...


The De Jager Family said...

YAY! So glad things seem to be moving along quickly after all that waiting! Prayers continuing for you guys and the boys.

Sarah Jones Trask said...

God is good!! YAY!