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Passports: Received!

We found out yesterday that the boys' passports are completed. Now we wait for a medical exam, the doctor's report, translation, and then finally submission to the US Embassy. 

We're getting closer! Their first birthday is exactly one month away- please pray with us that either we'll be there with them or they'll be home with us by that time!


Rochelle said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I didn't even read what you wrote outside of the title, I'm too excited!! Not even kidding that I prayed SO hard last night for you guys that the passports would come by today since you are a month now from when you'd hoped they'd be home! GOD IS GOOD! All in his perfect timing. :) Ahhhhh! So glad this step is done too, so much closer to bringing them home!

Team Howell said...

Incredible news!!!!!
I can't stop watching the video... your family has been through so much already. It is simply time that you are all home together. Go get those babies-they need to be home for their birthday!! So many prayers!!!

Hillary said...

Yay Yay Yay!!!! Praying everything is fast and uncomplicated from here on out!

The De Jager Family said...

So glad to hear things keep moving forward. Definitely joining you in prayer that you'll be able to celebrate their 1-year birthday with them!

Corrie and Phil said...

One more check off the huge list! Praying for July 19th...or sooner!