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Ethiopia Days 7 & 8

Thursday night the boys stayed with us, so Friday morning they were up and ready to go bright and early! One of our favorite things to do while the boys were with us was letting them wake each other up. Usually one would get up a little earlier than the other and we'd spend some one-on-one time with that one. Then, when the other little guy started stirring, we'd put his brother on the side of the bassinet and let him do the final "waking up". It was so funny. They love each other so much! Jacob reserves most of his kisses for Josiah and will try to open- mouth kiss anything he can reach: Josiah's face, his back, whatever is closest!

Friday morning in the courtyard outside of our guest house. "Okay, boys, sit here and smile!"

Or not. 

On Friday afternoon, we took a couple of hours to go to Mt. Entoto. We were able to stop at the bottom of the mountain to visit a place where they make scarves and baskets. They even let me try my hand at the loom- my teacher was very patient and I hope I didn't mess up his scarf too much!

This was at the top of Mt. Entoto with our guides. This is the location of the first orthodox church and the first emperor's home. 

From the top of the mountain, you can look down on the entire city of Addis. 

This is one of the wood carriers. Many women walk all the way up and down the mountain in order to get wood for their families down at the bottom of the mountain. They carry these gigantic bundles on their back! 

When we got back from our day trip, we tried to muscle the boys into their flannel shirts and jeans. We wanted to get a few good pictures of them and possibly a family shot. It was fairly successful, though Don exclaimed at one point, "He's too strong for me!" as Josiah weaseled his way out of Don's grasp and reach while trying to dress him. 

Here are two of the wonderful guys that worked at our guest house. They were so helpful and loved our boys! 

The next morning was Saturday, our final day in Ethiopia with the boys. "Mom, stop with all the kisses already!"

Last attempt at a family picture. Thankfully the camera had a blinking light and beep sound that caused enough interest that both boys were at least looking at the camera at the same time!

Getting ready to ride back to the care center. We look happier than we are. I spent most of the morning crying and the entire car ride to the care center crying. There was another family riding with us to the care center; they were meeting their children for the first time. At various times they would turn around in the van to talk to us and I was always crying, which felt a little awkward. Finally, I just said, "I'm okay, but I'll probably cry the whole way there."

When we got to the care center, we basically just walked in, handed the boys off to their special nanny, kissed them a few more times, and then headed straight for the van. Don reminded me that God was caring for them; that he had been caring for them this whole time and he would continue to do so. He was a rock, and I'm so thankful for his continued leadership in our family and the way he tenderly and sacrificially cares for me and the boys!

That night we headed home via a stop in Sudan and then Amsterdam before finally landing in Chicago. It felt good to be home in the, "clean water, soft bed, normal food, air conditioning" kind of way, but we left half of our family in Ethiopia and we miss our babies like crazy!  


Corrie and Phil said...

I can't imagine what that last day was like, and no parents should ever have to go through that.

Praying that the final reunion comes QUICKLY!!!

Sarah Cotton said...

I completely sympathize with you, there's nothing quite like it and your pain is doubled with the twins...I reminded myself that the Lord had sustained their lives thus far, brought them to you and will continue to care for them better than we could - I know it's torture though. Thanks for all the great photos and updates.

The De Jager Family said...

Praying that those little boys get to come home VERY soon! They are just so stinkin' cute!!

Rochelle said...

I just love everything about this post. About the boys waking each other up, your sightseeing, the scarves, the wood carriers, Don trying to dress Josiah... etc. So crazy excited for you guys & praying those boys home SOON!! Love these pics, and love that final family photo with you both carrying them so close to you. Perfect. Oh mannn cannot wait to hear that you can go get them and bring them back HOME finallyyyy!!!!!! :) Praying July 19 like crazy!

Rochelle said...

P.S. I noticed your revised timeline shortly after you changed it and wanted you to know I LOVE IT!!! :) Praying you get the passports this week!