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Favorite Things: Family

We love spending time with our families, and this week is full of family celebrations! Don's youngest sister, Sarah, graduated from Wheaton college, and later this week we're celebrating a big birthday for my mom (though I won't publicly announce which one!).

Here are some pictures from our time together, first from Sarah's graduation:

This is a picture of Don's two sisters, Sarah and Ashley- with Ashley's two little girls. My sister-in-law (Rachel) and I watched Ashley's girls during graduation... I think we got the best deal- undivided time with these little sweeties is hard to come byWe did have two diaper explosions in less than an hour... but that's another story. 

I always try to take advantage of an opportunity for us to get a picture together. We never take good pictures though, so we'll just move right along...

This is a picture with my sister-in-laws from the party afterwards. Cute girls! Them, not me... 

Don, his brother (Joe), and Sarah at the after-graduation party. 


Rochelle said...

Yay, cute pics! Oh come on now, you guys do too take good pics, that's a really good one! You are adorable together! :)

And just for the record, you are gorgeous. End of story.


Corrie and Phil said...

Agree with Rochelle! Quit begin so hard on yourself, Miss Homecoming Queen! :)

Rachel Jones said...

cute pics!! I think I was all smiled out in that photo at the grad party - oh well, still cute :)