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Here is one of the designs that we are going to use for our adoption t-shirt fundraiser. Isn't it great? My friend, Anne, at www.givestudio.com designed it for us. She has a lot of really cool products that you should definitely check out! Anne was the first one to encourage me to run in the 5/3 Riverbank Run (25k) back in college. We enjoyed many long and frosty runs together during those training days! Thank you, Anne, for using your talent to help us with our adoption! 

We haven't had the shirts printed yet, and we haven't officially begun raising funds, but we'll let you know when we do!


Ashley said...

It's so great, Sar! I love it!

The De Jager Family said...

Hey Sara! Chad and I have some money set aside that we'd like to donate to your adoption cause, so when you have a place for us to send it or if you want us to just send it to you, please let me know! Love the T-Shirt!

Ruth said...

You guys have such great friends.
God has really blessed you. I love the T-shirt

Rachel Jones said...

I can't wait to order some. I love the design!

Corrie and Phil said...

LOVE the shirt! Can't wait to have one! Keep us posted!!!