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Checking In...

Life has been busy, busy. I'm in my second session of summer classes- who knew linguistics would be so hard? I had no idea- seriously, it's insanely difficult, and I'm in over my head! 

We've done a few more things around the house but still haven't gotten our camera fixed to prove it!

We're waiting to hear about our next round of fingerprints from USCIS. They cashed our check, so hopefully it will be soon! Our paperwork could be in Ethiopia sometime in August- then it's a 4-6 month wait for our referral! It feels like this process has gone so slow, and yet it's possible that we'll have our referral by Christmas (at the earliest). Either way, we're getting closer!

On a side note, we're getting ready to celebrate seven years of marriage (more on that later), so for lack of any other pictures to post, here's one from our wedding day back in 2003.


Rachel Jones said...

Don looks SO young - I think you look the same :)
yay - hope the prints come through SOON!

Ashley said...

I forgot to say Happy Anniversary! It was the 16th, right? Hope you guys had a fun celebration! I love the pic. :) When do the t-shirts come in? I'm so excited to see them!