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Waiting well...

Well, the waiting is almost unbearable, and we haven't even officially begun to "wait"! Completing the paperwork process has been much more difficult (and time consuming!) than we imagined. The first part of our adoption went so quickly and smoothly... our home study was done by March, and I thought for sure our paperwork would be in Ethiopia by this summer. Now it's looking like it might not get there until the fall. 

I was hoping that waiting for our I-171H (approval from the government to adopt and approval for our child to have US citizenship) would only be a matter of weeks, and I've since learned that it can take up to 3 months to receive this form- we're 3 1/2 weeks in right now. This is the last form that we need in order to submit our paperwork to Ethiopia... and, like everything else that we've waited on, there's nothing we can do to speed the process along.  

Please join with us in prayer that this last step would be completed quickly. In our minds, it seems best for us to bring our child home sooner rather than later, but we know that God has ordained all of the details of our lives (and our adoption!), so we continue to submit to His will and trust Him while we wait. 

Speaking of waiting, I've been trying to think of ways to maximize these last months that we have before bringing our child home. Here's what I've come up with so far:

  • Memorize more scripture
  • Pray for our child and his/her/their birthmother- it's likely that she's pregnant right now!
  • Read some good books on parenting
  • Enjoy my husband- this is an easy one!
  • Enjoy our friends and families- another easy one!
These are probably the most important goals I've set, but I have a whole host of others, including:
  • Learn to cook :)
  • Buy more healthy food- or start liking healthy food!
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get in the habit of taking pictures
  • Organize all of the papers we have stored/tucked away throughout the house
  • Paint a few pieces of furniture I haven't gotten around to
It's funny that the first three on this last list have been goals for quite some time... I'm afraid my taste buds stopped developing around age 8, and I haven't been able to get much past pizza and macaroni & cheese! As for exercising, I don't have a good excuse- I'm just inconsistent! 

Can anyone relate? 


Rachel Jones said...

yes, i relate on the exercise and things that I've put off doing...we should eat together more. I'm a big veggie girl, maybe eventually I would rub off on you :) The kiddo is not going to eat the veggies if you and don don't :) :)

perfection is overrated said...

You know me and my food habits. In that way, we are very similar. However, since I have had my own kitchen to cook in, I have been eating more vegies (not that I can cook them the way that I like them). :)

perfection is overrated said...


Hillary said...

I am a good friend of Corrie's, and she linked me to your blog. My husband (also a Don) and I are in the middle of the adoption process as well. Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you guys throughout this all too familiar journey.

Corrie and Phil said...

Try something green, or colorful, every day. I read that it takes ten times for a child to really develop a taste for something. If that's true, you shouldn't give up after one or two bad experiences. Look at Kathi...she transformed radically. You, too, can eat veggies! :)

Glad to see that Hillary found your blog.

Ashley said...

It's true that you do eat like an 8 year old but it's not true that you need to learn to cook! :) Just made your sweet and sour chicken the other day and that monkey bread! Sooo good. And those muffins you bring on vaca...you already CAN cook! But I hear ya on wanting to broaden the horizons. It'll be fun when you're home more and can devote more time to it!

Katie G said...

I think finding a good cookbook is key. That way you can open up to any page to a realistic recipe (one without too many ingredients or steps) and go from there.

We usually plan our grocery list off of meals (which helps with the budget, and forces you to have a variety of foods). I also always ask for recipes when I eat at friends houses. I could send you the recipe for Arroz con Pollo (you ate it at our house) if you want to make it sometime. (It's actually pretty easy).

We really like our Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. We haven't made anything we don't like in it yet.

I'm really getting into exercising before work. Even if I just run 1 miles= 10 minutes ish a few times in a week then I feel so much better during the day. I'm starting to value consistency over distance. Then I only get up 30 minutes before I would normally to run and shower.

don and sara said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement and great suggestions!