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Christmas Decor

I love decorating for Christmas... it's so fun every year to get out the Christmas boxes and pull out all of the decorations that I forget I even have! Last year, I put together this little project to display our Christmas cards. This picture is from last year since we haven't started receiving Christmas cards yet this year. You may recognize your family's picture if you look closely! Basically, I took some plywood and corkboard (wrapped in burlap) and attached it to the back of an old window frame from my dad's barn in Michigan.

Here I screwed some little knobs into the wall and then hung some twine to display more Christmas cards. In the spring and summer, I hang vintage postcards of birds to make it more seasonal. I'm hoping one day to hang kids' art projects here!

 And, here's our mantel this year. Cute, huh?

We're looking forward to getting our Christmas tree soon, but we have to wait until we get a little snow, since that's the tradition!


Rachel Jones said...

LOVE the mantle!!!
I'm working on how to hang my Christmas cards this year too!!

Corrie and Phil said...

Look at you, Mrs. Homemaker! I'm very impressed. Everything looks terrific!

Annie Leppin said...

Okay so.... I just tape my Christmas cards to my fridge. Somehow that seems less impressive now - lol!

Ashley said...

Love the mantel too, Sar!! It looks great! Can't wait to come have a cozy cup of hot cocoa at your house over Christmas. :)