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Greetings from China

Don spent the last week and a half in China for work... here are some shots from his trip.

This is on a ferry in Hong Kong.

A park in Hong Kong

Eating chicken feet... yes, he really ate them.

Duck skin

Fish... apparently, the cheeks are considered the best part.


A seven story mall in mainland China. Don was chased down the hall by a woman selling purses. She dropped her price from 1200 to 150 (Chinese money).

A man selling puppies for seven dollars. Don thought they were pets but later found out that this guy may have been selling them for dinner.

The Chinese countryside


The highest point in Hong Kong


A temple in Hong Kong

A harbor in Hong Kong


He had a good time but was glad to be home, and I was thankful to have him home!


Corrie and Phil said...

What an experience. I'm sure it would have been more fun if you could have been together, and I'm sure that you would have loved to try the eclectic cuisine. :)

Ashley said...

I love these pics and still can't believe Don went to China!!