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Our little love

One of the positives of not having children yet (aside from being able to nap whenever we want, go out whenever we want, consistently sleep through the night, etc., etc.) is getting to love on our sweet nieces (and nephews-though they're a bit older and don't like to snuggle quite so much anymore!). We're able to focus on them and delight in them in a way that we might not be able to if we were distracted with our own kids. I'm thankful for that and for the relationships we've been able to build with all of our nieces and nephews during these child-free days. 

Tonight, Don's family came over and we got to celebrate with one of our nieces, Lucy, for her first Halloween. We love our little Lucy Lu, Lucy Girl, Lu Lu, Loopy, L, Sweetie Pie (you get the picture) so much. Sometimes I even swing by the nursery at church just to get a peek at her and possibly steal a little kiss on her sweet cheeks!

Here she is, starting the night out very stoically. Taking it all in...

Warming up... the baby doll is helping.

And she's off!

Hmm... Twix bar or baby doll? 

Happily sitting in the candy bowl...

Sweet little baby! We love you!!


Rachel Jones said...

Awww she loves you too. Thanks for being such a sweet aunt and uncle to our girl. Love you!!!

Rochelle said...

I agree, this time can be so precious to share the love with and spoil the other kids in your lives during the time that you don't have kids of your own. I'm so glad you guys are soaking up the positives despite the heartache, and focusing on what you can do with what you have instead of what you don't have. I love this time of spoiling the other kids and families in our lives right now. Lucy is sooooo cute & sweet!! Thanks for sharing these fun pics. :)

Corrie and Phil said...