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A Letter to our Sons

Dear Boys,

We heard you loved the blocks we sent you! We are so happy to know that they made you happy! It gives us great joy to think of you smiling and playing with them. We wish we could be there to capture all those smiles and coos and first discoveries. 

We think of you and pray for you daily (and many times throughout the day)! We have prepared a room for you with two cribs, one for each of you, but close enough so you can still peek at each other. We have books that we can't wait to read to you and lots of toys for you to play with once you get home. 

I wish you knew how loved you are already. You have a huge family waiting for you to come home! You have grandparents ready to love and spoil you, aunts and uncles that are crazy about you, and lots of cousins to play with! You have a big church family that has been waiting with us to bring you home... you should have seen how happy they all were when we showed them your pictures! You, little boys, are very precious to us and to many others!

We hate to be away from you, but we know that you are not alone. Of course, you have each other, but you also have a heavenly father who has loved you from before you were even born! We know that He is caring for you and watching over you even now. 

Little boys, you belong to God. He created you and you are His, even though we get to borrow you for a short time to play the part of your mommy and daddy. And do you know how thankful we are that we get to be your mommy and daddy? Well, we just can't imagine anything better in the whole wide world!

We can't wait to come and get you, sweet babies, and we pray it will be soon!


Hillary said...

Such a great letter, and I love the sneak peak!

Rochelle said...

Overjoyed and a bit teary-eyed!! What a sweet letter, those boys already mean SO much to SO many! Love.

Sarah Trask said...

This aunt sure is crazy about them already!!