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An Update on the Process

Just in case you are wondering... there really aren't any updates. 

We are still waiting for our court date. We were told it could be about 3 months from when our paperwork arrived in Ethiopia (which for us was Dec. 24). We are hoping and praying that it will be much sooner. Please join us!

The main delay that we are seeing right now is the time between court and embassy. The US Embassy has changed some of their policies and it's really slowing everything down. For example, they used to have 5 clinics in Addis that were approved to do the medical clearance on the children before they were cleared to come to the US, and now they've reduced that number to 2 clinics. There are probably hundreds of agencies working in Ethiopia to match families with children, and all of these children have to funnel through these 2 approved clinics. It can take weeks/months for children to get appointments at one of these clinics, which means there are many additional weeks that you have to wait before you can bring your children home. 

Please pray that the US Embassy would approve more clinics or that the clinics could somehow process these cases more quickly. It's a total bottleneck... families are passing court and then waiting months and months to be approved to bring their children home. The process used to be about 6 weeks to clear through embassy, and now some estimates are putting that number at 4 months. That's just too long. 

We're praying that God will surprise us with a really SHORT wait and that our two precious babies will be home in record time! And since every post needs a great picture, thank you Jackson family for these sweet blankets! We love them and are sure the boys will too!

1 comment:

Rochelle said...

Oh ughhh! That's awful!! Praying hard with you guys that God will surprise you with a short wait and that those boys can home super quickly! But rejoicing in his sovereignty no matter what happens.