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Last Thursday I had my shower at work. It was such a blessing and my co-workers did so much to make it extra special! I know they spent a lot of time planning and orchestrating the whole thing (partly because they kept kicking me out of our team meetings so they could talk about it!). 

My wonderful team (minus Ellen)! Love these ladies!

The library was decorated in an African theme...

The delicious food that I forgot to eat. I was so busy talking, opening presents, and showing off the boys that I only had a few carrots! And then I laid in bed later that night bemoaning the fact that I had forgotten to have the cake and punch! And I love cake and punch!!

Other random shots from the shower:

And I never looked at the camera because I didn't realize someone was taking pictures!

Here I'm wondering, "What could be in this gigantic box?!" Surprise! It's a double stroller, and I had no idea! The sixth grade teachers and assistants chipped in to get it for us- what a blessing!

And some of the other goods... 

And I have to say that these cars roll perfectly across our wood floors... we tried them out!

I truly was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of so many of my co-workers! Really. I couldn't get over it. And 50 thank-you cards later, I'm still not over it! 

And I should add that I showed a little video of our boys (which we affectionately call our "little hobbits" video since it is set to a song from The Lord of the Rings)- I think it was played close to 20 times throughout the course of the shower and everyone "oohed" and "aahed" at all the right places! But let's be honest- how could they not?! After all, they are the sweetest boys in all of Ethiopia the world!


Rochelle said...

Awwwww I love it!!! This post made me ridiculously giddy :) and after a long day, I must say, I appreciate getting to see these neat glimpses of all the goodies you got! Those boys are SO blessed! (And having seen the video, I must say, I still cannot stop watching it anywhere from 1-3 times a day, no joke, they are sooo sweet and sooo cute! I love LOTR theme and "little hobbits!!! :)) So exciting. I love that some of your coworkers are wearing the Ethiopia shirts and the African decor! Hahaha I totally have this visual now of you & Don trying those cars out, bumping into each other, and trying not to destroy the cars in the process before the boys even get ahold of them! ;)

Seriously love all the pictures, thank you for sharing. And I love the outfit you are wearing!! Super cute. And I still say your hair is beautiful darker like this! :)

Okay, I'm going to shut up now. :) G'nite friend!

Hillary said...

Only 3-4 pictures would show up, hmmm?

So glad that you got to celebrate a baby shower, what a blessing to be surrounded by co-workers who are so so thrilled for you guys!

Corrie and Phil said...

How amazing! You certainly deserve all the showering! :)

Rachel Jones said...

awww, SO fun!! love the pics and looks like you got SO much fun stuff!!
Oh and SO pumped to see Lucy with the boys, you should have seen her at moms - she kept picking up the picture of the twins and smooching it real big, it was SO sweet!!

Sarah Jones Trask said...

That was so sweet of them!! I love how they decorated the library :)