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The Best Kind of News

From our new friends that are now in Ethiopia...
Hi Sara, 
Your twins look great!  We were there yesterday on a whirlwind tour but we did get pictures and video of them.  Seeing them I do not have any concerns about either boys.  We can talk on the phone after I'm back and I can give you all the details but I just wanted to write to set your mind at rest. They were happy and healthy and adorable.  Both smiled but [Big Guy] is especially smiley - he would not stop, in fact!  It was hilarious.   
Pictures and video when we get back!!

Thank you, God, for answering our prayers to send people to love them and care for them!

Thank you for answering our prayers that they would be healthy, well cared for, and happy! 

I almost cried when I read this email. God is good. 


Corrie and Phil said...

There's nothing better than a smiley baby. YEAH! Can't wait to see pictures of them! :)

kimberly said...

YAY!!! SO happy for you to receive such a wonderful note and for God to provide such caring, loving people to be there to report back. Prayers keep coming!

Annie Leppin said...

That is such great news- glad it could put your mind at ease a bit :)

Rachel Jones said...

Love this email!!! Praise God!!!!

Sarah Jones Trask said...

God is good!!