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A Story in Pictures

Since we couldn't share any pictures until after we passed court, I realized that we haven't ever shared the pictures that we've been seeing this whole time. So, here's the story in pictures, starting from our referral in November. 

First picture of Jacob. We thought he was perfect. 

First picture of Josiah: equally perfect. 

Little angels. 

Little rascals. 

Jacob, a few weeks after our referral pictures. 


Both boys with the first care package we sent them in early December. 

Second care package later in December. I love how they are so snuggled up in these pictures. 

They are actually wearing the pajamas we sent and playing with the blocks we sent. So fun to see!

Already a happy, smiley baby!

Sweet Josiah. 

In January, when our friends, the Crandells, were in Ethiopia. 

Gigantic eyes and sweet little lips. 

One of our favorites of Jacob from early January. 

Josiah in late January. 

Sleeping babies- late January. 

Picture draught... nothing for several weeks.  

Josiah in mid March. 

Then we traveled in May- many of those pictures have already been posted. 

The Crandells visiting our boys a couple of weeks ago. They captured both boys walking on video- what a gift! 

As usual, Jacob was smiling constantly and was giggling too much to even concentrate on walking. Such a happy boy!

Josiah is a smiler, too- it just takes a little more effort!

And here are the new pictures we just got today. 

Even though we didn't get to see most of these stages in person, I'm so thankful for EVERY picture and video that we've gotten of them over the past 7 months. And even though the required trip to Ethiopia for court meant a lot of added expense and a terrible goodbye, I'm also thankful that we got to see them crawling and acting like baby-babies before they entered this new walking/toddling phase. Plus, we got to kiss them and snuggle them part-way through the process and that's worth every penny!

Can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks (x2) again soon!


Team Howell said...

Their EYES are amazing! They are going to get away with anything once they learn how to use them! :) They are perfect.

Corrie and Phil said...

How fun seeing them grow up through pictures. I can't believe they're walking already. You're going to have your hands full. :)

Such BEAUTIFULLY BIG smiles. :)

Rachel Jones said...

Love their smiles!!! And cannot believe all those teeth!!

Sarah Trask said...

Gosh, my nephews are GORGEOUS! Keep those girls away!