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Today marks 7 months since our papers arrived in Ethiopia and 17 months since we started this process.

Lots of times I feel like there is nothing going on, no movement, no changes, just continual waiting. But, even as I was feeling this way recently, I was reminded that even when I feel like "nothing" is going on, God is doing a million things behind the scenes to bring the child that he has planned for us into our family.

I let this thought linger for awhile and considered how God's sovereignty is playing out in this situation:

On our side of the adoption:
  • God ordained that we would apply for our adoption Thanksgiving weekend of 2009
  • God set it in our hearts that we would adopt from Ethiopia through AWAA
  • God determined that we would wait 2 months for the state to approve our home study and an additional 3 months to receive our immigration approval
  • There were "delays" upon delays so that our final paperwork would not arrive until September 17, 2010 
  • Today we are number 9 on the list
In Ethiopia:
  • In some village a baby boy (or possibly a set of twins) was conceived
  • From the point of conception (and even before) God predetermined that this child would one day be our son
  • Somewhere, at some point, this baby was born (at least we think they have probably been born by this time- we won't know for sure until we receive our referral)
  • Through I'm sure a very difficult set of circumstances, he was brought to a specific orphanage to become available for adoption through AWAA- not just any orphanage or any agency
  • And today, he is number 9 on the list too (meaning he'll be the ninth baby available)
And all along, God has known exactly when and how this little child would come to join our family. None of this has been accidental. God has been at work moving us along through these past 17 months and 7500 miles away in Africa, God has been at work moving our child along so that he will be available when we get to the top of the list.

Have I said this before? It is a PRECIOUS thing to live under the sovereignty of God.


Corrie and Phil said...

Perfectly said!

Rochelle said...

Well said!

Dona said...

In the fullness of time God sent forth His Son, In His time He will send forth your son, His son too, He is watching over your baby, (ies) We are praying for you,for him too. Thank you for the great faith that you are expressing, it btings encouragement. God is faithful.

Rachel Jones said...

well said sara. thankful for this baby and praying he will be yours very soon. love you guys