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Spring Break Part #2

Sorry for the long delay between posts... it's track season- need I say more?!

So, back to spring break (feels so far away already!)...

Another highlight of the break was getting to meet Don for lunch one day. We went to one of my favorite spots near our house (only about a mile from our house and a mile from Don's work). The food is great and the restaurant is so cute!

Later that night, Don set up the crib that we got from one of his cousins (thank you!). It's fun to imagine what this room will look like as a nursery, though I'm determined not to do much with it until we get our referral.

As far as the time frame goes, things seem to be moving along. While there haven't been more referrals in the past couple of weeks, many families are getting court dates and are getting cleared for embassy. We are thankful to see progress at all levels!

1 comment:

Corrie and Phil said...

Nice crib. Can't wait until we get to see pictures of your little one in there!