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14 ways that God has used others to love us during these past 14 months:
  • Our pastor meeting with us and counseling us, listening to us, and providing support and encouragement to us. 
  • Countless emails and messages from friends and family telling us they are praying for us. I could list you all, but you know who you are, and we are thankful for all of you and for each of the messages you have sent to us! (And, Rochelle, seriously, is there anyone more thoughtful than you?! Thank you for checking in on me so often and sincerely caring about how we are doing.)
  • A surprise advent basket last Christmas (that I still don't know who to thank for!).
  • A package left by my dear friend (and sister-in-law). This made my day/week/month, and I still look at it from time to time! I think I cried first when I saw this and then laughed as I read the whole thing! This took a lot of thought and time, and I'll never forget it. 
  • The diaper bag I've always dreamed of (and never thought I'd get) arriving at precisely the right time. Thank you, Elissa. God used you to remind me of his extravagant love on a day when I needed some encouragement. God is in the smallest of details- all the way down to you picking out the exact diaper bag I would have chosen for myself!

  • A letter from a woman in our church who was sensitive to a situation that was hard for me. Your prayers and compassion brought me to tears.  
  • People who bought and proudly wear our adoption shirts. I love seeing them on you!
  • Friends and family who contributed financially to help us bring our baby home. We have been humbled by your generosity. Thank you for partnering with us!
  • Sermons and songs that came at just the right moments.
  • My mom crying over the phone with me more times than I could ever count. Thank you for your listening ear and your loving words that often served as a healing balm for my heart. 
  • People who ask us how we're doing, even though it'd be easier to not bring it up.
  • The women in our church calling a special prayer time for our family. Thank you for seeing a need and responding with such love and compassion. 
  • People who buy us gifts for the baby, even though it's still so far away. You show us that this is real to you, and you help it seem more real to us. 
  • Friends and family that have donated furniture and toys to help us prepare our home. We are so thankful!
Though this has been a long journey, we have been well loved and cared for. Thank you!


Heidi said...

What a lovely post, Sara. I'm so glad you're able to share all of these things and that you've been blessed by so many. And as always, we're still praying for you and waiting for the day of good news.

Rachel Jones said...

Thankful for the ways you have been encouraged and thankful for the encouragement you are to me and all of us. Love you so much. Praying for you both and for this little one with you guys.

Mom said...

So glad you feel encouraged by so many! Our prayers will continue every day.

Annie Leppin said...

What a nice post-- glad you are surrounded by loving family and friends during this hard time. I am soooo excited for you and know that your good news is just around the corner- I check your blog often and can't wait to see that wonderful post I know is coming soon! Still praying for you --

Rochelle said...

Such a neat post, thank you for sharing Sara! So glad you are well loved and cared for by so many! I feel blessed to be a blessing. :) Praying for you guys constantly. {{hugs}}

Corrie and Phil said...

Your baby (babies) will be loved worldwide, and they will be blessed beyond measure. Just think of the masses that are lifting him/her/them up in prayer...daily! WOW!

Thinking of you, dear friend!